Prayer Points

“Zion shall be redeemed with justice…” Isaiah 1:27
Strategic Prayer Points:
1)     Pray that Israel will become the light to the nations it is meant to be.
2)     Please pray that the Christian world will rise up and stand with Israel in both the moral and political arenas
3)     Please pray that church leaders will stir themselves up, as well as their congregations, to support Israel in truth
4)     Please pray that God will speedily complete the restoration of His ancient people (Jeremiah 31:1-6)
5)     Pray that churches will instigate educational programs to teach the truth concerning Israel to oncoming generations lest they too will grow up with a warped perception
6)     Pleas pray for Israel friendly church leaders to take a stand against ministers of the church who promote the Palestinian lies (Psalm 69)
7)     Please pray that God may hasten the day when Truth shall spring out of the earth and righteousness shall look down from heaven (Psalm 85:11).
8)     Please pray that God will hasten the coming of Mashiach/Messiah, when righteousness will go before him and his footsteps will become our pathway.
9)     Please pray that God would remove the blindness for the eyes of the church
10)   Please pray that God would raise up Watchmen with the courage to blow the shofar as spoken of in Ezek 3 & 33.
11)   Please pray also that a deep repentance from God would come upon all Israel and that God would raise up prophets in Israel in the manner of Elijah.
12)   Please pray that God would open the eyes of the nations – especially of the church – that they would see His mighty hand and His faithfulness in the restoration of Israel as a nation on their own land – based on Psalm 126.
13)   Please pray for the courage to stand on Biblical truth.
14)   Please pray that God would grant Christians a right understanding of the realities in the Middle East.
15)   Please pray for much wisdom among Christian leaders to guide their people along Biblical realities.
16)   Pray for God’s direct intervention in Israel based on Ezekiel 34:11 ff.
17)   Please pray for great wisdom among all Jewish and Christian leadership in Israel.
18)   Pray for God’s wisdom among church leaders throughout the world concerning Israel.
19)   Pray that God would raise up much support for Israel wherever the Scriptures are being read (Romans 11:29-31).
20)   Please pray that God will raise up gifted men and women to become proclaimers of truth with wisdom in this Media war; James 1:5
21)   Please pray that God would bring down the stronghold of the enemy and every perverse and lying tongue; Proverbs 2:12; 2 Corinthians 10:4
22)   Pray for the gift of discernment for all of God’s people not to trust in the content of media today without careful analysis of the information broadcast; Job 12:13.
23)   Pray for an increased awareness among believers that not wrestling against flesh and blood, but against wickedness in high places – politically and spiritually; Ephesians 6:10-13.
24)   Pray earnestly for the people of Israel as they are faced with so much opposition, that they would turn in faith and trust toward their Rock and Redeemer;
25)   Pray for a greater understanding among God’s people of His prophetic word as He had given to Daniel (9:20-23).
26)   Please pray for all the people of God that He may enlighten our understanding concerning the awesome nature of Abraham’s trust and faithfulness;
27)   Pray that God may continue to raise up faithful supporters of Israel and the Jewish people, in prayer and in action, from around the world
28)   Pray for a spirit of unity among ministries that work for the good of Israel and thank our heavenly Father for the countless saints who are standing with Israel and the Jewish people in prayer and supplication day and night! Psalm 134:1-3; 135:1-4
29)   Please pray for the different Jewish denominations in Israel
30)   Please pray for truth to emerge in our secular learning institutions concerning Israel and Zionism.
31)   Please pray that the Christian world will begin to educate believers concerning the real Islam.
32)   Please pray for the great universities of the Western World that their Governors would realize the extent of Islamic and anti-Israel indoctrination promoted in their institutions.
33)   Please pray with David that God would arise to scatter His enemies (Psalm 68:1).
34)   Pray that God may fill the faces of Israel‘s enemies with shame, that they may seek His Name (Psalm 83:16).
35)   Please pray for the governments of the world and for the UN that God would grant them enough light to see the situation with Iran for what it really is
36)   Please pray for wisdom for the Israeli government to make the right decisions concerning Iran
37)   Please pray that Israel‘s friends would not desert her at this difficult time
38)   Pray for the Shalom of Jerusalem! (Ps 122:6)
39)   Please prayer for the health and well-being of all you have brought us to this place and this day – especially for Frank and Karen.

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