Tour of Israel 2014: Israel through Jewish Eyes

Israel through Jewish Eyes

From Dan to Be’er Sheva (1 Kings 4:25):


This proposed tour will follow a similar itinerary to the 2011 tour conducted by Frank and Karen Selch (Olive Tree Connection – see ).  The tour will focus on sites and activities/occasions of Biblical and Jewish significance, rather than places specifically of significance to Christendom.

The estimated cost from Australia including airfares; all transfers; entry fees; accommodation; breakfast and dinner (but not lunches) is expected to be fairly close to $6500 pp (double or twin share, and around $500 more for single room bookings) for the 18 days. This includes airfares from Australia, estimated on current pricing to be around $2200.

We will need around 22-25 people as a minimum to make the trip financially viable (this tour is NOT a profit-making venture – it is not being run by professional tour operators and the pricing is only to cover costs).

You do not need to travel from Australia to be on this tour. If you wish to join us in Tel Aviv, then your cost would be around 6500 – 2200 = $4300.

As at 13th February we only have a few confirmed bookings. To precede with booking the accommodation; flights; tour bus operator and professional tour guides, a financial commitment will be necessary around June 2014.

In the interim a strong expression of interest is needed by the end of February. If you are interested please contact with names; numbers and contact details before the 28th February.

If the expressions of interest total 22 or more then further details and commitment deadlines will be presented. If the number interested is only around 15 (the minimum for viability), the tour could still go ahead but the cost would need to reflect the reduced total, from which the fixed tour costs need to be recouped, and would likely be around 10% higher.

Please see below for a basic overview of the itinerary:


Sat 27th Sept – Sun 28th Sept – Day 0 & 1: Brisbane to Tel Aviv

Monday 29th Sept – Day 2 Yafo – Sderot:

Yafo (Jaffa). Yafo is famous for  SIMON THE TANNER’S HOUSE (Acts 9:43) TEL ASHKELON to learn on-site about Samson and his battles with the Philistines.  SDEROT – presentation on the  QASSAM PERIOD (which is still continuing) after Israel’s disengagement. Nitzan – met former residents of Kush Katif in Gaza.

Tuesday 30th Sept – Day 3 Ceasarea – Akko:

Visit the spectacular archeological site of Ceasarea.  See excavations of this magnificent, Roman harbor city.  Atlit, the notorious British detention camp, just south of Haifa. Acco (Acre).  The city was a Crusader stronghold for almost 200 years, and today Acre is the holiest city of the Bahá’í Faith.  Rosh HaNiqra – Israel’s most northern coastal point on the Lebanese border.  RoshHaNiqra played an important role in Israel’s struggle for independence against the British. 

Oct 1st – Day 4 Wednesday:  Mt Carmel – Sea of Galilee:
Mount Carmel and the biblical site where Elijah battled with prophets of Jezebel (Baal). Tel of Har Megiddo — the focal point of the ‘last wars’ at Armageddon.  Mt Tabor where Barak and Deborah defeated the Canaanite army under Sisera

Oct 2nd – Day 5 Thursday – Capernaum – Zippori:
Boat ride across the Sea of Galilee from Tiberias to Capernaum (Kfar Naḥum) Mount of Beatitudes Golan Heights – Banias: (Caeasara Philippi).  Tel Dan, Ahab’s city and the place already used by Jeroboam to divide the Kingdom.
Oct 3rd – Friday – Day 6 Beit Shean – Jerusalem:
Beit Shean – the ancient site where the bodies of King Saul and his son Jonathan were displayed after their defeat on Mt Gilboa.  Samaria: Including Shechem and Shiloh (the site of the first tabernacle at the time of Samuel)
Saturday Oct 4 Day 7  YOM KIPPUR in Jerusalem – spend time at the Kotel (Western Wall)
Sunday Oct 5th – Day 8 Hebron – Be’er Sheva
Ein Kerem – birthplace of John the Baptist. Beit Shemesh, (via Ayalon where the sun stood still for Joshua – Josh.10:12-13) Valley of Elah, where David killed the giant Goliath.  Cave of Machpelah (Tombs of the Patriarchs), Hebron. Beit Guvrin, a cave complex of major significance in the Maccabean period until well into the Christian era.
Monday Oct 6th -Day 9 Masada – Dead Sea:
Masada – ½ day, En Gedi Nature Reserve.  Qumran Caves & Dead Sea – a floating visit!
Tuesday Oct 7th – Day 10 Old City of Jerusalem

Walking tour in the Old City of Jerusalem including Mount of Olives and Kotel

Wednesday Oct 8th – Day 11: First day of Sukkot – Festivities in Jerusalem

Thursday Oct 9th Day 12- City of David excavations
Archeological Gardens & Davidson Centre, Kedron Valley, Cave of Zedekiah and Damascus Gate
Friday Oct 10th -Day 13  Jewish Quarter
– including the Cardo, David’s citadel &  Kotel Tunnel  & the Herzel Musuem

Saturday Oct 11th – Day 14 Shabbat in Jerusalem – private arrangements

Sunday Oct 12th – Day 15: Yad v’shem  – ½ day
Israel Museum, Shrine of the Book
Monday Oct 13th – Day 16,17 – travel back to Australia – arrive on Tuesday Oct 14th

Please pass this notice onto anyone whom you think may be interested.

Paul Herring


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